Waterlase. No shot. No Drill. No Fear.


97% of patients who experience Waterlase treatment would recommend it to their family and friends.

Richter 7 Survey

I would definitely recommend it. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

S. Pruitt | California

After having this procedure done with a Waterlase MD, I would never want to have another procedure done with your conventional drills, and knives, and sutures, and everything – there’s no need for it.

M. Roybal | California

Before, they would get me numb, they’d leave the room, and I’d be sitting there, waiting for myself to get numb, and then they’d come back. This, they started right up.

T. Flagler | Oregon

Dr. Frank, has used the WaterLase technology to clean my teeth before he performs the deep cleaning procedure. I can see that the WaterLase treatment is phenomenal as I don't experience much bleeding at all during or after the deep cleaning procedure.

Yelp review by Kevin L. | Chicago, IL

I saw a Waterlase® dentist just this morning, after a seven-year absence from the dentist. I belong to an online community and happened to mention how much I despise the dentist. One woman had heard about the Waterlase® and suggested I look into it. I made an appointment and then paid the price for my procrastination--four cavities and one crown (for a horrendous root canal done previously--I've been walking around with a temporary crown for seven years!) Today I went in to have two of the cavities filled and the crown prepped. The dentist used the Waterlase® on both cavities and it was the procedure I've been waiting my whole life for!

S. Hogan | California

You can just have your treatment done, no anticipation. So I do think it’s going to change how people feel about coming to the dentist.

N. Seyler | Oregon

I just wanted to comment on the Waterlase®. I lost a crown (pin and all) and figured that the tooth couldn't be saved and I'd have a painful procedure to look forward to. My dentist recently purchased a Waterlase®, I noticed it as soon as I sat in the chair. He asked me if I was willing to have him use the Waterlase to cut back the soft gum tissue so he could reattach the crown. I have to say, even though he said he's only been using it for about 3 days, I had no pain beyond that I get from flossing. It was a wonderful experience and I should know, I've had extensive dental work performed over the last 10 years. I still can't believe I came out of today's visit without any pain or numbness. Thank you Biolase!

C. Stevens | Colorado